Crook of Cult Curing Cane of the Cult Secrets & Lies Discovering Cover Edged Exposure Confidence Crasher Declassification Imparting Shot Staff of Illumination Scepter of Reveals Inflame & Infuriate Enraging Spike Ireblade Rage Cleaver Dementus circle Wrathseeker Staff of Wrath Scepter of Wrath Rend & Sunder Great Stake Vampir Slayer Vampir Cleaver Eye of the Vampir Stake Driver Staff of the Vampir Vampir's Cane Suspicion & Speculation Betrayal Defense Deceit Shredder Punisher of Betrayal Turn of Deceit Deception Piercer Deluminating Greatstaff Scepter of Grievous Deceit Turn Left & Twist Right Labyrinth Wall Greatsword of the Labyrinth Axe of the Labyrinth Heart of the Labyrinth Arc of the Labyrinth Branch of the Labyrinth Labyrinth Scepter Slash & Burn Firewing Blockade Firesweep Firestop Hatchet Fire Flue Cindershooter Unkindle Untinder Life & Limb Lance Set of the Forester Forester's Scythe Forester's Timberaxe Lens of the Forester Forester's Longbow Forest Branch Forest Limb Red Wire & Blue Wire Bomb Shelter Bomb Squad Knife Bomb Squad Ax Bomb Squad Lens Remote Trigger Bomb Squad Pole Bomb Fuse Rip & Tear Lupus Lance Howlfang Blade Ripfang Cleaver Moonfang Lens Lukos Bow Staff of Ulfur Scepter of Hundur Leap & Twirl Zealous Lance Galeswift Greatsword Velox Cleaver Circle of Celerity Sharp Seeker Fleetwing Staff Cursus Scepter Resolute & Reliance Unyielding Spike Resolute Greatsword Tenacious Waraxe Steadfast Eye Unwavering Bow Staff of the Resolute Obdurate Scepter Hide & Seek Refuge of the Hidden Unconcealed Blade Axe of Revealing Magnifying Lens Throngseeker Gathering Pole Seeker's Prod Honor & Obey Probitas Lance Staunch Greatsword Dignitas Greataxe Ardent Eye Pertinax Longbow Unwavering Staff Honor Bound Scepter Null & Void Door Opener Red Barren Spacemaker Soaring Zero Crowdthinner Vacuum Pole Rod of Discharge Treasured Twins Trophy Wall Raiderblade Lockpick Treasure Inspector Raider's Last Arc Raider's Treasure Prod Treasure Divining Rod Hope & Fear Crowning Glory Lance Set Blade of Crowning Glory Axe of Crowning Glory Glorious Crown Longbow of Crowning Glory Crowning Glory Staff Rod of the Crown Prince & Pauper Commissum Lance Fervent Greatsword Never-Yielding Axe Tenax Eye Truthseeker Bow Consecration Staff Scepter of Devotion Tried & Tested Dragon's Lance Quaestio Greatsword Axe of Grigelt's Wrath Dragonwrath Disc Bow of Grigelt's Fury Staff of the Prophet Torsten Scepter of the Proven One Fury & Frenzy Ferocitas Lance Killfury Greatsword