Wand of the Frond Ignominy & Defeat Homestead Bulwark Regimen Slicer Rager's Greataxe Elemental Circle Sentinel's Recurve Watcher's Post Fey Scepter Apogee & Perigee Zenith Point Field Slicer Ecliptic Axe Sun's Eye Falling Star Messenger Celestial Post Equinox Rod Prayer & Praise Sacred Timber Righteous Greatsword Faithful Hatchet Devoted Disc Divine Bridge Worship Stick Petition Rod Lineage & Legacy Royal Skewer Monarch's Justice Pureblood's Steel Rexicle Courtly Bow Serpent's Staff Princely Scepter Still & Silent Totemic Timber Clawing Claymore Foesplitter Petaline Lens Stalker Bow Ornate Walking Stick Seeker's Bar Repost & Rumination Testor's Lance Soul Filleter Loquor's Cleaver Choir's Roundel Ornamental Bow Fiddlestick Wand of Many Stings Frontline Orphans Aegis of the Amani Heinous Reaper Chopaxe of the Untiring Twitchy Terete Baiting Bow Wanderpole Direwand Young & Restless Battle Lance Regimental Blade Wrath's Cleaver River Round Naga Needler Mysterium Standard Charger's Rod Prince & Princess Quieter Blooddrainer Clotshaper Twilight's Eye Draconian Bow Sigilstick Bane of Zuras Progress & Regress Destiny's Sanctum Hounding Blade Trail Chopper Arcane Afterburner Divided Flyer Staff of the Chaste Restraining Timberstalk Vim & Vigor Rallying Point Rabid Silencer Enmity Cullingaxe Zealot's Focus Genuine Flexbow Staff of the Visionary Disorderly Conductor Syncopated Movements Pyrrhic Vector Sword of Great Morris Burnished Hopscutter Favored Roundel Whirling Shot Burgeoning Maypole Terpsicore Bombastic & Belligerent Monstrous Refuge Blade of the Colossal Ancients Vaunting Greataxe Elemental Orotune Rangy Longbow Measuring Stick Titanic Cosh Thunder & Lightning Zenobia's Shelter Crosswind Slicer Axe of Flowing Rivers Skyview Lens Bow of Torrents Tempest Greatstaff Scepter of Raging Storms Pride & Prejudice Paternal Bequeath Swaggering Sword Axe of Confidences Gloryvane Heritage Strut Wisdom of the Sages Scepter of Sinister Complements Coldsnap & Frostbite Glacial Wall Frostsedge Icebreaker Shivermaker Bow of the North Shore Staff of Long Winters Chilling Spine Rumble & Roar Defender's Uproar Babbling Bloodblade Bonecruncher Rattling Topspinner Shrieking Arc Channeler's Staff Chatterod Betrel & Revense Vindicator's Hold Subtle Shiv Vendle Axe Repribond Feudal Longbow Immortal Nemesis Justicar's Gavel Ghost & Ghoul Revenant's Lance Apparition Blade Life Cleaver