Pet: Argette Pet: Argette (30 Days) Pet: Argette (7 Days) Fusion cube 1 Fusion cube 2 Emblem of Success Memento of Fame Sigil of Indestructible Flame Permanent Fleetfoot Potion Angelic Head-Wings Demonic Head-Wings Easter Bunny's Converter Flight Feather Tail Feather Lion's Lock Pegasus Hoof Flightrune: Argo Flightrune: Winterwing Flightrune: Zephyr Winterpride Loot Box Nightlion Loot Box Desert Wind Loot Box Biting Wind Loot Box Goldwing Loot Box Silverwing Loot Box Friendly Skies Loot Box Summer Sky Loot Box Night Sky Loot Box Fiery Blue Halo Fiery Blue Halo (7-day) Fiery Blue Halo (30-day) Darkan's Flame Banyaka's Rootlocked Treasure Banyaka's Treasure Grass Green Shell Veteran Grass Green Shell Water Blue Shell Turquoise Sky Shell Fire Red Shell Dark Omen Shell Fiery Lavastone Shell Brilliant Glass Shell Prismatic Star Shell Concentrated Sand Relics Hidden Shrine of the Warm Sand Hidden Shrine of the Silver Waves Hidden Shrine of the Golden Sun Hidden Shrine of the Dark Night Exotic Beach Drink Lost Argon Artifact Flight Rune: Ghost Dragon Flight Rune: Iron Dragon Captured Dragon Soul Ancient Dragon Darkness Rough Dragon Scale Surprise Box: Ancient Dragons Surprise Box: Diamond Dragons Smart Box: Gangster and Nurse (30 Days) Smart Box: Embellished Party (3 Days) Smart Box: Crazy Baron (3 Days) Smart Box: Magic Costumes (3 Days) Smart Box: Scary Weapons (3 Days) Smart Box: Dark Outfit (3 Days) +15 Enchantment Scroll [Tier 11] +15 Enchantment Scroll [Tier 11] [Event] Veteran Dragon Memoirs [Event] Dragon Memoirs [Event] Runestone: Ancient Mighty Armored Dragon [Event] Runestone: Ancient Mighty Fire Dragon [Event] Runestone: Ancient Mighty Spirit Dragon [Event] Runestone: Ancient Mighty Diamond Dragon [Event] Runestone: ALL [Event] Runestone: !, ?, ♥, ★ [Event] Runestone: Mighty Armored Dragon [Event] Runestone: Mighty Fire Dragon [Event] Runestone: Mighty Spirit Dragon [Event] Runestone: Mighty Diamond Dragon [Event] Runestone: Ancient Armored Dragon [Event] Runestone: Ancient Fire Dragon [Event] Runestone: Ancient Spirit Dragon [Event] Runestone: Ancient Diamond Dragon [Event] Runestone: X,Y,Z [Event] Runestone: G,I,N [Event] Runestone: L,M,N [Event] Runestone: R,S,T [Event] Runestone: U,V,W [Event] Runestone: H,O,W [Event] Runestone: F,U,N [Event] Runestone: Z,E,N [Event] Runestone: O,P,Q [Event] Runestone: K,I,D [Event] Runestone: D,E,F [Event] Runestone: F,I,T [Event] Runestone: J,O,E [Event] Runestone: L,O,T [Event] Runestone: L,O,W [Event] Runestone: F,O,R [Event] Runestone & Letter A [Event] Runestone & Letter B [Event] Runestone & Letter C [Event] Runestone & Letter D [Event] Runestone & Letter E [Event] Runestone & Letter F [Event] Runestone & Letter G [Event] Runestone & Letter H [Event] Runestone & Letter I [Event] Runestone & Letter J [Event] Runestone & Letter K [Event] Runestone & Letter L [Event] Runestone & Letter M [Event] Runestone & Letter N [Event] Runestone & Letter O [Event] Runestone & Letter P [Event] Runestone & Letter Q [Event] Runestone & Letter R [Event] Runestone & Letter S [Event] Runestone & Letter T [Event] Runestone & Letter U [Event] Runestone & Letter V [Event] Runestone & Letter W [Event] Runestone & Letter X [Event] Runestone & Letter Y [Event] Runestone & Letter Z [Event] Runestone & Letter ! [Event] Runestone & Letter ? [Event] Runestone & Letter ♥ [Event] Runestone & Letter ★ [Event] Token of the Memoirs [Event] Reward Box 1 [Event] Reward Box 2 [Event] Reward Box 3 [Event] Reward Box 4 Smart Box: Black Sailor Look Smart Box: Checkered Sailor Look Smart Box: Ribbon Sailor Look Smart Box: Ivory Cardigan School Uniform Smart Box: Charcoal Gray Cardigan School Uniform Partial Instruction School Fashion Instruction +12 Enchantment Scroll +9 Enchantment Scroll +9 Enchantment Scroll +9 Enchantment Scroll Red Valkyrie Togs Red Valkyrie Togs Orange Valkyrie Togs Orange Valkyrie Togs Scarlet Valkyrie Garb Scarlet Valkyrie Garb