Rustic Arcannon Twin Swords of Cold Comfort Lance of Cold Comfort Greatsword of Cold Comfort Axe of Cold Comfort Disc of Cold Comfort Bow of Cold Comfort Staff of Cold Comfort Scepter of Cold Comfort Scythes of Cold Comfort Arcannon of Cold Comfort Solace Twin Swords Solace Lance Solace Greatsword Solace Axe Solace Disc Solace Bow Solace Staff Solace Scepter Solace Scythes Solace Arcannon Penultimate Twin Swords Penultimate Lance Penultimate Greatsword Penultimate Axe Penultimate Disc Penultimate Bow Penultimate Staff Penultimate Scepter Penultimate Scythes Penultimate Arcannon Ultimate Twin Swords Ultimate Lance Ultimate Greatsword Ultimate Axe Ultimate Disc Ultimate Bow Ultimate Staff Ultimate Scepter Ultimate Scythes Ultimate Arcannon Riding Skill: Smolder Mystel's Triple Charm Chest of Bravery Vergos's Head Vergos's Withered Fang Vergos's Withered Scale Vergos's Withered Horn Vergos's Withered Bone Behemoth Essence +12 Enchantment Scroll [Awakening] +15 Enchantment Scroll [Awakened] Vergos's Copper Chest Vergos's Silver Chest Vergos's Gold Chest Battle Pack I Battle Pack II Battle Pack III Battle Pack IV Ambush Weapon Box Ambush Armor Box (Body) Ambush Armor Box (Hand) Ambush Armor Box (Foot) Vergos's Fang Box Vergos's Scale Box Superior Etching Box XX Token XXVI Token XXXVIII Token XLIV Token L Token LV Token XXXII Token LVIII Token LX Token XX Token XXVI Token XXXII Token XXXVIII Token XLIV Token L Token LV Token LVIII Token LX Token LXII Token [Dummy] Dragonslayer's Garb [Dummy] Dragonslayer's Helm [Dummy] Dragonslayer's Cloak Grounding Brooch Empowered Brooch Quickcarve Brooch Quatrefoil Brooch Reinforced Champion's Inner Armor Steadfast Champion's Inner Armor Vigorous Champion's Inner Armor Persistent Champion's Inner Armor Guardian Weapon Box Guardian Armor Box Simple Accessory Set Box Underdawn Token Golden Talent Golden Daric Golden Plate Wood Scrap Archdevan Catalyst Polished Arunic Ore Archdevan Oil Liquid Metal Hypnotic Device Archdevan Surfactant Artisan's Tools Copper Clasp Pansophic Ash Elemental Essence Silver Talent Silver Siglo Silver Plate Metal Fragment Refined Elixir Archdevan Formula Carved Ornament Otherworldly Shard Entropic Emblem Metamorphic Emblem Noctenium Infusion x1,000 Crate 100 Vanguard Initiative Credits Complete Veteran Crystalbind (1 hour) Enchanting Box Enchanting Chest Enchanting Crate Twistshard Equipment Chest Frostmetal Equipment Chest Stormcry Equipment Chest Brilliant Enchanting Box Brilliant Enchanting Crate Brilliant Enchanting Chest Champion's Enchanting Chest Prideful Guild Reward Chest Audacious Guild Reward Chest Guild Reward Chest Small Guild Reward Chest Vergos Enchanting Bag Vergos Enchanting Pouch Vergos Enchanting Satchel Vergos Enchanting Sack Vergos Consumables Pouch Vergos Consumables Satchel Vergos Treasure Box Vergos Treasure Chest