Collect Taproots Collect Taproots Complete the Channelworks Complete the Channelworks Win in Wintera Snowfield Win in Wintera Snowfield Complete Kalivan's Challenge Complete Kalivan's Challenge Clean up the Mingor Cliffs Clean up the Mingor Cliffs [Unified Equipment] Achieve Victory in Gridiron. [Unified Equipment] Achieve Victory in Gridiron. Win in Kumas Royale Win in Kumas Royale Redcap Redcap Furious Faerie Furious Faerie Centaur Centaur Slinking Sabertooth Slinking Sabertooth Hulking Sabertooth Hulking Sabertooth Sullen Unicorn Sullen Unicorn Warthog Brute Warthog Brute Hogling Hogling Merciless Jalmarak Merciless Jalmarak Centaur Insurgent Centaur Insurgent Lumbering Ghilliedhu Lumbering Ghilliedhu Lumbering Sporewalker Lumbering Sporewalker Feisty Terron Feisty Terron Bloated Sporewalker Bloated Sporewalker Terron Lunatic Terron Lunatic Sabertooth Sabertooth Faerie Vigilante Faerie Vigilante Feral Unicorn Feral Unicorn Long Tusk Warthog Long Tusk Warthog Armored Hogling Armored Hogling Runaway Pigling Runaway Pigling Faerie Rebel Faerie Rebel Faerie Renegade Faerie Renegade Faerie Insurgent Faerie Insurgent Faerie Guardians Faerie Guardians Likhan Likhan Seravy Seravy Dark Sorcerer Dark Sorcerer Cruel Sorcerer Cruel Sorcerer Seravy Seravy Garkior Garkior Cruel Sorcerer Cruel Sorcerer Garash Bloodtusk Garash Bloodtusk Tradon Tradon Stonebeak Scavenger Stonebeak Scavenger Agitated Sporewalker Agitated Sporewalker Mossy Ghilliedhu Mossy Ghilliedhu Grayal Grayal Skeletal Retainer Skeletal Retainer Skeletal Soldier Skeletal Soldier Dakanius Dakanius Devan Archpriest Devan Archpriest Devan Warlord Devan Warlord Dark Maiden Dark Maiden Reaver of Resurrection Reaver of Resurrection Ebonheart Sorcerer Ebonheart Sorcerer Fallen Defender Fallen Defender Devan Robber Devan Robber Devan Scrapper Devan Scrapper Devan Brigand Devan Brigand Kulsilva Kulsilva Dur Barak Dur Barak Lanok Lanok Aggravated Sporewalker Aggravated Sporewalker Keener Conscript Keener Conscript Keener Conscript Keener Conscript Keener Conscript Keener Conscript Dakanius's Guard Dakanius's Guard Dakanius's Guard Dakanius's Guard Stonebeak Soldier Stonebeak Soldier Broken Prison Teleportal Broken Prison Teleportal Stonebeak Fighter Stonebeak Fighter Wall of Wordcraft Wall of Wordcraft Slinking Sabertooth Slinking Sabertooth Devan Bandit Devan Bandit Devan Blademaster Devan Blademaster Devan Warrior Devan Warrior Devan Bladesister