A Tiny Problem A Tiny Problem Fuelish Heart Fuelish Heart Automated Delivery Automated Delivery Engineering the Outcome Engineering the Outcome Back to the Beach Back to the Beach Hungry for Profits Hungry for Profits Market Research Market Research Cutting Expenses Cutting Expenses Routine Delivery Routine Delivery Urgent Delivery Urgent Delivery Human Resources Human Resources Dealing with Shrinkage Dealing with Shrinkage Gentle Reminders Gentle Reminders Friend of the Family Friend of the Family Ways of Highwatch Guards Ways of Highwatch Guards Experimental Materials Experimental Materials The Mystical Wood The Mystical Wood Forest Keeper's Wisdom Forest Keeper's Wisdom The Camp Hero The Camp Hero Stolen Cure Stolen Cure Pitapat Flower Pitapat Flower Magic Lunch Box Magic Lunch Box Fish Dish in a Mountain Fish Dish in a Mountain Cottery's Delivery Cottery's Delivery Mythical Enemies Mythical Enemies Holding Action Holding Action No other Choice No other Choice Total Recall Total Recall The Raider Job The Raider Job Nature's Wrath Nature's Wrath Delivering in Time Delivering in Time Ameldas's Interest Ameldas's Interest The Plan The Plan Contaminated Monster Contaminated Monster Recovering Essenia Recovering Essenia Something at Sometime Something at Sometime Setback of the Deal Setback of the Deal There's a Treasure! There's a Treasure! The Dragonslayer The Dragonslayer Verdas's Research Device Verdas's Research Device Gathering Samples Gathering Samples Let's Go Fishing Let's Go Fishing Let's Cook Some Fish Let's Cook Some Fish Let's Sell Some Fish Let's Sell Some Fish Way of the Angler Way of the Angler Totally Safe. Totally. Totally Safe. Totally. Catch a Giant Blue Catch a Giant Blue Something Fishy This Way Comes Something Fishy This Way Comes Fishy Frittery Goodness Fishy Frittery Goodness Big-Ass Fish Story Big-Ass Fish Story Legendary Angler Legendary Angler Casting for Gold Casting for Gold When It's Time To Relax When It's Time To Relax Angler's Feast Angler's Feast Octopus's Garden Salad Octopus's Garden Salad [Event] Holy Responsibilities [Event] Holy Responsibilities [Event] Attending Services [Event] Attending Services [Event] Keep the Fires Burning [Event] Keep the Fires Burning [Event] Ice to Meet You [Event] Ice to Meet You [Event—Daily] Combating Sloth [Event—Daily] Combating Sloth [Event—Daily] Taking Out the Trash [Event—Daily] Taking Out the Trash [Event—Daily] Dust Never Sleeps [Event—Daily] Dust Never Sleeps [Event—Daily] Icing on the Cake [Event—Daily] Icing on the Cake [Event—Daily] Skyrockets in Flight [Event—Daily] Skyrockets in Flight [Event] Carnival of Carnivores [Event] Carnival of Carnivores [Event—Daily] Off the Menu [Event—Daily] Off the Menu [Event—Daily] The Party's Over [Event—Daily] The Party's Over [Event—Daily] The Party. Is. Over. [Event—Daily] The Party. Is. Over. [Event] Life's a Beach [Event] Life's a Beach [Event] Would You Like to Play a Game [Event] Would You Like to Play a Game [Event—Daily] Splash Cannon Mini-Game [Event—Daily] Splash Cannon Mini-Game [Event—Daily] Melon Bash Mini-Game [Event—Daily] Melon Bash Mini-Game [Event—Daily] Sand Castles in The Sand [Event—Daily] Sand Castles in The Sand [Event—Daily] The Horn Carver's Concerns [Event—Daily] The Horn Carver's Concerns [Event—Daily] Beauty at the Beach