Rancour Roilover Exacerbow Sizzlespit Irepoker Maddenblades Gallspitter Angstplate Banegrips Maimgrips Bitterfoot Stomps Vexer's Vest Cholermitts Surlymitts Umbrage Boots Provocape Eruptal Sleeves Erbal Sleeves Snooker Toes Wroth Belt Deflesh & Debone Petulance Quarrelblade Lividax Mortal Coil Wranglebow Rankletwist Snapjudger Fuming Blades Stormsweeper Bristleplate Temperfists Tantrum Fists Conniption Trippers Chafing Coat Umbrage Gloves Outrage Gloves Boots of Resentment Exaspergown Slowburn Sleeves Miffit Sleeves Animosocks Tick & Tock Rimestock Pastdivider Tockcleaver Strikewheel Bufferspring Wheelpipe Strike Flirt Rack Hooks Pinion Arcannon Grav Jackplate Bliz Jackplate Flak Jackplate Groundshift Gauntlets Ragebeat Gauntlets Timewalkers Gashed Encoat Slashed Seacoat Lofty Arcoat Whirled Peacoat Timeholders Lifecounters Breaksteps Splitfire Robe Schismark Robe Fissuretip Robe Timerip Fingers Heartsnap Fingers Timebreak Steps Schisma Belt Split Infinity Lancsyne Secondsplitter Pivot Juncture Everwheel Evereach Reelbrake Unsettle Wand Tick-Tock Rippers Boombreak Timefast Platemail Timerip Plate Timepunch Mail Afterfall Grips Everfall Grips Gravecrushers Slippery Vestcoat Splintervest Senticous Vestcoat Suffervest Scorekeepers Corpsetakers Roedancers Sufferlong Robe Shadowcast Robe Sorrowslave Robe Slicesleeves Succisleeves Temerate Steps Smooth & Juicing Candid Counterpoint Mickleblade Espialaxe Vocaturni Sagittipotenta Aeipath Scaevity Strayblades Clearshot Starcall Hauberk Deathwave Hauberk Painwave Hauberk Summoting Grips Plegnic Grips Vanmost Treads Truekeep Jerkin Bloodkeep Jerkin Linekeep Jerkin Lostkeep Jerkin Sybelline Gloves Veprecose Gloves Xenizia Boots Tremefalweave Wrap Vultualweave Wrap Thuralweave Wrap Warmblood Sleeves Wearheart Sleeves Vanishing Steps Lucid Belt Hate & Distrust Warstump Worldbreaker Ripplebreaker Cupula Doomspotter Lathetilt Stem of Defiance Dismal Exiles Fear's Own Coldkin Plate Warlicked Gauntlets Brikkenstomps Hotspin Vestments Seeshade Gloves Stormwaders Tearstained Gown Bloodwar Fingers