Mournholme Earring Ashen Hope Necklace Personal Teleport Scroll: Jovin Amadjuak Trading Post Teleport Scroll Crystallized Insect Ruby Durignite Insect Crystallized Insect Dust Weapon Crate Anti-burn Potion Woodstrider Point Teleport Scroll Roostcliff Quarter Teleport Scroll Murderwing Wing Powder Wyvern Watch Teleport Scroll Amber Powder Aura Sentinel Tool Kit Casidhe's Stand Teleport Scroll Isolation Camp Teleport Scroll Firebase Exodor Teleport Scroll Hemostas Plant Ameldas's Pipe Torn Bear Burnt Arbosk Bark Remembrancer Bowl Fleabane Ryshan's Antidote Glittering Fibers Quarter-Day Sign Half-Day Sign Sign of Day Relativity Stone Reflective Root Lamb's Blood Truth Serum Dougal's Letter Hagand's Invisibility Potion Archdevan Document Soul Fragment Urgent Orders Truth Needle Pecunius Fruit Potion of Shielding Box of Parts Shifting Map Lime Deposit Sticky Lime Demokron Essence Keezar's Power Glue Restored Archdevan Control Pendant Broken Archdevan Pendant Blatherweed Dead Man's Belongings Old Invisibility Potion Zolyn's Portrait Soulstone Foggy Eyeball Energia Celo Key Devastone Composure Philter Highwatch Teleport Scroll Airship Platform Teleport Scroll Paesyn's Special Tonic Book of the Wise Moaloth Egg Riding Skill: Aeolian Zebra Human Male Butler's Uniform High Elf Male Butler's Uniform Amani Male Butler's Uniform Castanic Male Butler's Uniform Popori Butler's Uniform Baraka Butler's Uniform Human Female Housekeeper Uniform High Elf Female Housekeeper Uniform Amani Female Housekeeper Uniform Castanic Female Housekeeper Uniform Elin Housekeeper Uniform Human Male Titan Force Costume High Elf Male Titan Force Costume Amani Male Titan Force Costume Castanic Male Titan Force Costume Popori Titan Force Costume Baraka Titan Force Costume Human Female Devilicious Costume High Elf Female Devilicious Costume Amani Female Devilicious Costume Castanic Female Devilicious Costume Elin Devilicious Costume Human Male Gold Short Jacket High Elf Male Gold Short Jacket Amani Male Gold Short Jacket Castanic Male Gold Short Jacket Popori Gold Short Jacket Baraka Gold Short Jacket Human Female Moonlight Party Dress High Elf Female Moonlight Party Dress Amani Female Moonlight Party Dress Castanic Female Moonlight Party Dress Elin Moonlight Party Dress White Fedora Bride's Veil Bank Expansion Bonus XP Scroll (+100%) Token of Friendship: Level 10 Token of Friendship: Level 30 Token of Friendship: Level 50 Token of Friendship: Level 65 Philter of Bravery Pet: Candyspinner Amethyst Chest Pearl Chest Ruby Chest Sapphire Chest Emerald Chest Village Atlas Experience Mark I Experience Mark II Experience Mark III Experience Mark IV Experience Mark V Token of Friendship: Invitation Token of Friendship: Level 20 Token of Friendship: Level 40 Token of Friendship: Level 60 Token of Friendship: Giving Token of Friendship: Level 10 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 20 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 30 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 40 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 50 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 60 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 65 Friend Riding Skill: Jade Pet: Wooley +12 Enchantment Scroll [Legacy] Federation Bill Friendly Master Enigmatic Scroll Friendly Feast Friendly Triple Charm Friendly Candle Friendly Noctenium Infusion Battle Panacea Friendly Semi-Enigmatic Scroll Human Female Midnight Party Dress High Elf Female Midnight Party Dress Amani Female Midnight Party Dress Castanic Female Midnight Party Dress Elin Midnight Party Dress