Soulae Earring Soulae Necklace Signet of Choices Voice of Reason Graduate Ring Graduate Tassel Winter update low level accessory - tank Winter update low level accessory - dealer Winter update low level accessory - healer Winter update mid-level accessory - tank Winter update mid-level accessory - dealer Winter update mid-level accessory - healer Winter update high level accessory - tank Winter update high level accessory - dealer Winter update high level accessory - healer Family Pendant Graduation Lavalier Oculus Weapon Chest Oculus Armor Chest Oculus Shoe Box Forfeit Twin Blades Forfeit Lance Forfeit Great Sword Forfeit Axe Forfeit Disc Forfeit Bow Forfeit Staff Forfeit Scepter Forfeit Hauberk Forfeit Gauntlet Forfeit Greaves Forfeit Cuirass Forfeit Gloves Forfeit Boots Forfeit Robe Forfeit Sleeves Forfeit Shoes Surrend Twin Blades Surrend Lance Surrend Great Sword Surrend Axe Surrend Disc Surrend Bow Surrend Staff Surrend Scepter Surrend Hauberk Surrend Gauntlet Surrend Greaves Surrend Cuirass Surrend Gloves Surrend Boots Surrend Robe Surrend Sleeves Surrend Shoes Forfeit Scythes Surrend Scythes Abnegate Scythes Moloch Scythes Warrior's Patron Weapon Box Lancer's Patron Weapon Box Slayer's Patron Weapon Box Berserker's Patron Weapon Box Sorcerer's Patron Weapon Box Archer's Patron Weapon Box Priest's Patron Weapon Box Mystic's Patron Weapon Box Reaper's Patron Weapon Box Patron's Metal Armor Lancer's Patron Gauntlets Berserker's Patron Gauntlets Patron's Metal Footwear Patron's Leather Armor Patron's Defensive Gloves Patron's Damaging Gloves Patron's Leather Footwear Patron's Cloth Armor Patron's Combat Sleeves Patron's Healing Sleeves Patron's Cloth Footwear Fortnight Sledgehammer Forge Stoke Muhrak's Curious Letter Muhrak's Cryptic Document Riftsteel Airborne Shell Demokron's Plasma Archeblade Fragment Rare Carapace Treasure Box Carapace Treasure Box Herpic Treasure Box Carapace Brooch Sting Brooch Soothing Brooch Muhrak's Message Design: Cause & Effect Design: Doomstop Design: Fortunecutter Design: Fearmonger Design: Lucktwister Design: Fate's Reach Design: Pillar of Fate Design: Soulbinder Design: Destiny's Edge Design: Rage & Ruin Design: Spitespike Design: Fury's Fang Design: Bitteraxe Design: Seething Ring Design: Wrathbow Design: Gallstaff Design: Bitterstick Design: Bitter Harvesters Design: Fast & Dirty Design: Crash Course Design: Speed-Hack Design: Breakneck Design: Zippdisc Design: Overdrive Design: Slickstaff Design: Slapdash Design: Whip-Scythes Design: Tempered Chestplate Design: Temperplate Design: Anvilfists Design: Hammerfists Design: Ferrodactyl Design: Constervest Design: Hemorrvest Design: Centesivest Design: Sombervest Design: Wrymitts Design: Sprymitts Design: Gleche Boots Design: Pyrogown Design: Malevagown Design: Vespegown Design: Hexfingers Design: Halefingers Design: Pridesteps Archeblade Memento Retool Nightforge: Cause & Effect Retool Nightforge: Doomstop Retool Nightforge: Fortunecutter Retool Nightforge: Fearmonger Retool Nightforge: Lucktwister Retool Nightforge: Fate's Reach Retool Nightforge: Pillar of Fate Retool Nightforge: Soulbinder Retool Nightforge: Rage & Ruin