Federation Supply: Lamb Bulgogi Federation Supply: Feast Federation Supply: Elixir [Amplification I] Stormcry Belt [Amplification I] Carving Entropy Necklace [Amplification I] Carving Entropy Earring [Amplification I] Carving Entropy Ring [Amplification I] Pumped Entropy Necklace [Amplification I] Pumped Entropy Earring [Amplification I] Pumped Entropy Ring [Amplification I] Entropy Circlet [Amplification I] Heroic Oath Belt [Amplification I] Carving Ethereal Necklace [Amplification I] Carving Ethereal Earring [Amplification I] Carving Ethereal Ring [Amplification I] Pumped Ethereal Necklace [Amplification I] Pumped Ethereal Earring [Amplification I] Pumped Ethereal Ring [Amplification I] Ethereal Circlet [Amplification II] Heroic Oath Belt [Amplification II] Carving Ethereal Necklace [Amplification II] Carving Ethereal Earring [Amplification II] Carving Ethereal Ring [Amplification II] Pumped Ethereal Necklace [Amplification II] Pumped Ethereal Earring [Amplification II] Pumped Ethereal Ring [Amplification II] Ethereal Circlet Belt Amplifier I Necklace Amplifier I Earring Amplifier I Ring Amplifier I Circlet Amplifier I Belt Amplifier II Necklace Amplifier II Earring Amplifier II Ring Amplifier II Circlet Amplifier II Accessory Amplifier Coin Accessory Amplifier Crate I Accessory Amplifier Crate II Bahaar's Amplifier Coin Bahaar's Handwear Amplifier Bahaar's Footwear Amplifier Heroic Oath Gauntlets Heroic Oath Workgloves Heroic Oath Sleeves Heroic Oath Greaves Heroic Oath Boots Heroic Oath Shoes Powerful Bahaar's Mask Keen Bahaar's Mask Bitter Bahaar's Mask Energetic Bahaar's Mask Care and Use of Your Pet Miss Kitty Care and Use of Your Pet Willoe Care and Use of Your Pet Dundee Care and Use of Your Pet Chef Care and Use of Your Pet Rocky Care and Use of Your Pet Madmartigan Care and Use of Your Pet Bam Bam Care and Use of Your Pet Bonzai Care and Use of Your Pet Addams Care and Use of Your Pet Clawd Care and Use of Your Pet Juicy Care and Use of Your Pet Flaps Riding Skill: Carmine Riding Skill: Carmine Riding Skill: Sparky Riding Skill: Sparky Abnegate Twin Swords Abnegate Lance Abnegate Greatsword Abnegate Axe Abnegate Disc Abnegate Bow Abnegate Staff Abnegate Scepter Abnegate Hauberk Abnegate Gauntlets Abnegate Greaves Abnegate Cuirass Abnegate Gloves Abnegate Boots Abnegate Robe Abnegate Sleeves Abnegate Shoes Moloch Twin Swords Moloch Lance Moloch Greatsword Moloch Axe Moloch Disc Moloch Bow Moloch Staff Moloch Scepter Moloch Hauberk Moloch Gauntlets Moloch Greaves Moloch Cuirass Moloch Gloves Moloch Boots Moloch Robe Moloch Sleeves Moloch Shoes New PvP Twin Swords_Test Disciplinary Twin Swords Disciplinary Lance Disciplinary Greatsword Disciplinary Axe Disciplinary Disc Disciplinary Bow Disciplinary Staff Disciplinary Scepter Disciplinary Scythes Disciplinary Arcannon Disciplinary Powerfists Disciplinary Shuriken Disciplinary Runeglaive Disciplinary Hauberk Disciplinary Cuirass Disciplinary Robe Disciplinary Gauntlets Disciplinary Gloves Disciplinary Sleeves Disciplinary Greaves Disciplinary Boots Disciplinary Shoes Harmonic Twin Swords Harmonic Lance Harmonic Greatsword Harmonic Axe Harmonic Disc Harmonic Bow Harmonic Staff Harmonic Scepter Harmonic Scythes Harmonic Arcannon Harmonic Powerfists Harmonic Shuriken Harmonic Runeglaive Harmonic Hauberk Harmonic Cuirass Harmonic Robe Harmonic Gauntlets Harmonic Gloves Harmonic Sleeves Harmonic Greaves Harmonic Boots Harmonic Shoes Impregnable Twin Swords