Token of Friendship: Level 65 Philter of Bravery Care and Use of Your Pet Candyspinner Amethyst Chest Pearl Chest Ruby Chest Sapphire Chest Emerald Chest Village Atlas Experience Mark I Experience Mark II Experience Mark III Experience Mark IV Experience Mark V Token of Friendship: Invitation Token of Friendship: Level 20 Token of Friendship: Level 40 Token of Friendship: Level 60 Token of Friendship: Giving Token of Friendship: Level 10 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 20 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 30 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 40 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 50 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 60 Friend Token of Friendship: Level 65 Friend Riding Skill: Jade Care and Use of Your Pet Wooley +12 Enchantment Scroll [Legacy] Federation Bill Friendly Master Enigmatic Scroll Friendly Feast Friendly Triple Charm Friendly Candle Friendly Noctenium Infusion Battle Panacea Friendly Semi-Enigmatic Scroll Human Female Midnight Party Dress High Elf Female Midnight Party Dress Amani Female Midnight Party Dress Castanic Female Midnight Party Dress Elin Midnight Party Dress Human Male Crimson Short Jacket High Elf Male Crimson Short Jacket Amani Male Crimson Short Jacket Castanic Male Crimson Short Jacket Popori Crimson Short Jacket Baraka Crimson Short Jacket Smart Party Box Friendly Powerful Savage Draught Friendly Instance Reset Scroll Friendship Circle Stinking Mud Sticky Grass Needle and Thread Patched Zo-Zo Damaged Zo-Zo Federation ID Emun's Note Flare Tangle Point Teleport Scroll Island of Dawn Dossier Feylost Twin Swords Feylost Lance Feylost Greatsword Feylost Axe Feylost Disc Feylost Bow Feylost Staff Feylost Scepter Feylost Hauberk Feylost Gauntlets Feylost Greaves Feylost Cuirass Feylost Gloves Feylost Boots Feylost Robes Feylost Glove Feylost Shoes Feylost Arcannon Feylost Powerfists Talfryn's Teleport Scroll Timestoppers Federation Thunderfists Federation Pounders Federation Thumpers Federation Crushers Standard Issue Powerfists Knuckledusters Powerfists of the First Expedition Feyfists Battlefists Veteran Powerfists Gigglefists Plunderfists Idol Hands Stormfists Terrorfists Snapfists Blinkfists Thrashers Slamfists Warfists Old Hands Psychofists Cannonfists Apostate Fists Rumblefists Horrorfists Sputterfists Flashfists Trashers Forgefists Frenzy-Fists Hookfists Ogrefists Dragonfists Watchfists Sparkfists Flarefists Punishers Cold-Forged Fists Wildfists Clashfists Wonderfists Lightning Fists Watchtower Powerfists Cracklefists Illuminating Fists Fists of Retribution Howling Fists Crookfists Trauma Fists Feeder Fists Strikefists Flickerfists Obdurate Fists Wailing Fists Thugfists Impact Fists Gluttonfists Noble Fists Glimmerfists Adamant Fists Deluge Fists Titanic Fists Stress Fractures Waypoint Fists Fists of Authority