Lamenting Grass Mushroom Bomb Faerie Sapling Cyamonoid Soil Cyadal Pylon Wreckage Controller Shard Unconscious Argonomorph Tuwangi Tholzak Emitter Element Argon Brainwasher Sample Grellok Spire Part Pigling Meat Grilled Pigling Carlams Peppercorn Ice Essence Lucky Coin Karlon Refined Ore Lava Ghilliedhu Sap Spirit Essence Ancient Myth De-argonification Potion (Tuwangi) De-argonification Potion (Demihuman) Imp Essence Pixie Wings Argon Structural Wreckage Unidentifiable Argon Component Tirkai Grizzly Steak Tirkai Fey Focus Supple Noruk Leather Condensed Essence of Ice Cowl Harness Skybird Glue Silvervine Branch Toad Saliva Morpheutic Draught Eldritch Leather Fire-Kissed Ruby Lucky Ship Key Pirate Chest Grog Dracoloth Heart Small Box Controller Shard Scroll Scraps Restored Scroll Extra Food Extra Medicine Extra Rations Extra Staples Cookies Mana Filter First Dowsing Rod Second Dowsing Rod Third Dowsing Rod Vale Starling Egg Chebikan Cotton Expeditionary First Aid Kit Scout Report 1 Scout Report 2 Scout Report 3 Scout Report 4 Screaming Essence Teleport Stone Discarded Research Thaumaturgical Thermodynamics Small Cogwheel EX-TRX Controller Fragrant Mushroom Accounts Report Note from the Witch Detective Bot-in-a-Box Kumas Rock Candy Missing Garrison Supplies Corpse-Lash Flower Orcan Soldier's Signet Rahto's Heart Mourning Glory Deep-Fried... Something Paesyn's Poem Supply Crate Paesyn's File Chef's Minor Surprise Engine Piece Signal Flare Strong Bough Emberbloom Stolen Supplies Nari's Note Herbaceous Extrusion Horn Ginger Dragon Scale Dragon Claw Hardening Dragon Egg Mysterious Dragon Egg Flying Skill: Iron Dragon Flying Skill: Crimson Dragon Legends of the Valkyries Draconis Missive Draconis Ferris Fragment Urgent Letter from Seir San Allema Teleportal Scroll Inversion Mote Mysterious Note Operation: Velika Invasion Wrack & Ruin Ramming Speed Deepslaughter Cutwater Cutwater Seahawk Yardarm Belaying Pin Siren's Kiss Long Nine Kraken's Gaze Ancial Spur Ironsides Hauberk Dagonskull Hauberk Forecastle Hauberk Broadsides Hauberk Gunwale Cuirass Breakwater Cuirass Tidedancer Cuirass Sirenheart Cuirass Spinnaker Robe Rigsail Robe Lateen Robe Mizzenrobe Sponson Gauntlets Lubbercuff Gloves Skycraper Sleeves Moonraker Sleeves Strakeline Greaves Forefoot Boots Skegfin Shoes Dreadnaught Belt Filet & Steak Sharpena Vredge Butcher's Cleaver Innanecine Flinzreach Prattleprod Shiskarod Fat Trimmers Shotbucker Meldamits Sawblades Yargorl Plate