ID: 88500 Enchantment:
Guardian Greaves
Tier 13 Superior Greaves
For Lancer, Berserker, Gunner
Bind on Equip
For level 65 or above
No sale value

Defense modifier 16,067
Increases Movement Speed by 13%.
Raises max HP by 4%.
Increases Power by 16.
Increases Endurance by 6.

Unidentified effect rerollable
Unidentified effect rerollable
Unidentified effect rerollable
Increases Endurance by 4.
Increases resistance to knockdown and stagger from boss attacks by 35%.
Increases Movement Speed by 6%.
Recovers 0.6% of total HP every 5 seconds.
Increases Balance Factor by 10.
Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds.
Decreases duration of slowing effects by 0.76.

When enchanted to +6, can be upgraded to Twistshard Greaves. (The upgraded item will be soulbound.)
Max stack count: 1
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