ID: 5023
Ancient Book
For level 1 or above
No sale value, Cannot trade, Cannot be stored in bank, This item can't be stored in the guild bank.

A book from Goddess Mystel that contains information about ancient myths.

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It has been foretold: "The blessing and the protection of the storm shall be upon those with lion-like courage."

"The god of terror shall fall, and the god of death shall follow. The undying flame shall be quenched. The daughter of chaos shall close her eyes."

"The mistress of our destinies will one day guide our ship through the skies, through the black wall, at last to the solemn ground of the descendants of Oryln.
The memories of the gods will reveal the way to protect mortal lands from the master of chaos.
Buy price: 1bronze
Max stack count: 1
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