ID: 19562
Divine Forte Robe
Tier 4 Superior Robes
For Priest
Bind on Equip
For level 60 or above

Defense modifier 2,007
Balance modifier 15,355

Raises max MP by 2457.
Decreases damage taken by 4.5%.
Raises max HP by 6.4%.
Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by 8%.
Increases Power by 2.
+Unidentified effect 1 rerollable
Increases healing of Focus Heal by 15%.
Increases duration effect of Regeneration Circle by 10%.
Increases healing of Healing Circle by 10%.
Increases damage of Shocking Implosion by 15%.
Decreases cooldown of Shocking Implosion by 10%.
Priest - Increases healing of Healing Immersion by 10%.
Decreases cooldown of Kaia's Shield by 10%.
Decreases cooldown of Energy Stars by 10%.
Priest - Increases charging speed of Mana Charge and Divine Charge by 15%.
Decreases cooldown of Fiery Escape by 15%.

Crystal socket
Crystal socket
Crystal socket
Crystal socket

Sale value: 1gold78silver15bronze
Buy price: 17gold81silver44bronze
Max stack count: 1
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