ID: 202143
Uncommon Accessory Morpher
Superior Miscellaneous
For level 65 or above
Cannot trade, This item can't be stored in the guild bank.

Alters the stats of an accessory.
On use, converts a Power accessory to a Crit accessory, and vice versa.

[Usable Items]
Entropy Necklace, Entropy Earring, Entropy Ring
Ethereal Necklace, Ethereal Earring, Ethereal Ring
Radiant Necklace, Radiant Earring, Radiant Ring
Right-click the item then left-click a target item.

Etching remains.
Effects will be wrapped in enigma.

Sale value: 1gold00silver00bronze
Buy price: 9345gold79silver44bronze
Max stack count: 100
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